Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Time for Some Comedic Relief

Laughter is the best medicine on the planet. It has so many positive benefits and won't cost you a dime. Here are 18 reasons to laugh every day.

  1. People who laugh on a regular basis are 40% less likely to have a heart attack.
  2. Your blood vessels expand when you laugh and reduce the risk of stroke
  3. Endorphin's are released when you laugh, the same hormone that you release when you exercise
  4. Laughing is a good cardio workout and can increase blood flow by 22%. You get the same blood flow from 15 minutes of exercise
  5. Laughing decreases the levels of cortisol in your body. This is the stress hormone that contributes to belly fat, so laugh more often
  6. Laughing helps release more growth hormones into your blood stream. This helps the aging process and keeps you young.
  7. Laughing activates the right side of the brain. The right side is responsible for creativity
  8. You become more alert and can relate better to others when you use comedy
  9. Your blood oxygen levels increase and can help you combat cancer
  10. Laughing helps reduce the rate of cellular decay and can slow the aging process
  11. Laughing increases your pain tolerance
  12. When you laugh you massage your diaphragm, thorax, heart, lungs liver and abdomen
  13. Laughing can clear mucus plugs from the body which is great for conditions like asthma
  14. Laughing reduces stress. Stress depresses the immune system, so laugh and give your immune system a boost
  15. Laughter reduces blood sugar levels which is great for those with diabetes.
  16. Laughing increases melatonin which can help you sleep better
  17. Laughing is infectious and can fill a room and make everyone feel better
  18. Laughing has no negative side effect and won’t react with any prescription drugs

Have a good laugh today and join us in  our community where laughter is an every day occurrence

Saturday, January 4, 2014

There Are No Magic Pills and Quick Fixes

People who are ‘awake’ can’t deny that our world is in a real mess. This mess wasn’t created overnight and it won’t be fixed overnight. It has taken decades for us to reach this critical point in history. It takes real people working together and taking the action needed to reverse the effects of what some very nasty, greedy and evil people have done to this planet.

The only way to reverse these effects is to revive community spirit and spend your money locally. It’s time to reconnect with the people around you and stop buying from corporations who only care about your money. Remember barter and trade, it was once the life blood of thriving communities.

Rejuvenating the land and reviving communities isn’t a magic pill or a quick fix. Magic pills and quick fixes come and go and rarely bring real change with them. It will take people who are dedicated and determined to help one another, do the hard yards and really care about the world we are leaving for future generations.

We can’t bury our heads in the sand and hope someone else will come up with a solution that will magically change the world overnight. The only magic that will work is for us to remember the power of our human spirit and the ability for infinite change when we all work together. We hope that you will join us in creating some of that magic and getting involved in our community.

Friday, January 3, 2014

I’d Rather Eat Cardboard

Nearly all the produce we find on our supermarket shelves today is inferior compared to what previous generations ate. The global food systems leave a lot to be desired. We must rethink, redo and revolutionize the whole process if we are to survive.

In November of 2013 the ASC magazine was lucky enough to have Joel Salatin as a contributing author. Here’s what Joel had to say about what is happening to our food systems: “The industrial food system throws billions of dollars into researching how to increase shelf life and transport viability. A tomato bouncing around in the back of an eighteen-wheeler for 2,000 miles must be half cardboard just to endure the abuse”. We couldn’t agree more.

Joel and Polyface farms are now leading the way for future farmers and quality produce. Ask yourself why we are seeing such an increase in diseases around the world? Could it be that we are being bombarded by chemicals and pesticides?  Our water is polluted, our food systems are under attack and big agra is doing all they can to squeeze the little guy out.

There was a time when Joel’s neighbors thought he was crazy for challenging big agra, they now sing his praises. A few years ago 30 families would buy produce from him, it is now over 5000. He has rebuilt his community by providing good quality food, education and jobs. He and his family need to be applauded for all they have done to encourage people to return to a simpler way of life. They are happy, healthy and lead the way in what it means to care for others and their community.

Please support Joel and his family by taking the time to watch this 9 minute video.   We need more people like Joel Salatin and want to do all we can to promote his message and his work.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Diversity is the Key to Our Survival

One of the key philosophies of the Aquaponics Survival Communities is the importance of diversity. Without diversity the world would be a very boring place to live. The community welcomes people from all walks of life and encourages them to share their information and experiences with others.

There is more than one way to reach a goal, grow food, build homes, create energy and live in a sustainable way. The Facebook fan page is just one example of the ingenious, smart, kind and caring people that are involved in the ASC community. There is no shortage of good quality information on the site. 

There is always something new to learn and so many good people to learn from. It is wonderful to see how members of the community will take a simple idea and adapt it to their specific needs. It is this kind of ingenuity and creativity that will help move the future of food production out of the hands of big agra and back into the hands of the people.

You almost forget that it is an online community. With so many wonderful people helping each other, sharing information and encouraging a spirit of freedom and independence to live a healthier lifestyle it is no wonder that the community is growing daily. We invite you to join us at

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy Teach Their Students The Benefits Of Aquaponics

Learning New Skills 

In the November issue of the ASC magazine Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy were our featured educators of the month. The academy decided to introduce Aquaponics into their curriculum in 2011. The students learned how to grow food in their environmental science class with their teacher Dr Savage.

Since that time the students have grown bell peppers, hot peppers, leafy greens, kale, basil and lemon balm. Aquaponics is used to teach the students about aquatic ecosystems, basic microbiology and chemistry. This is exactly the kind of education that the Educators for Aquaponics site hopes to integrate into all schools.

One of the most important skills we can give to the next generation is the ability to grow their own food. Growing your own food gives you the freedom and choice to decide what ends up on your dinner plate. Too many of the foods that grace our supermarket shelves today are depleted of nutrition and full of nasty chemicals.

A backyard aquaponics system can provide for a family of four and uses very little water compared to conventional farming. With space, water and environmental problems plaguing our planet, aquaponics provides solutions to these problems. When theory is put into practice the classroom comes alive. It is this kind of interactive teaching and student participation that helps students enjoy the science of growing food.

There is nothing quite like planting a seed, nurturing it and then be able to eat what you have grown. There is a sense of pride, achievement and fulfillment involved in that process. Our children need to feel as if they can contribute to their world in a practical way. Aquaponics fills that gap and we are very proud that schools like CINCINNATI HILLS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY are leading the way.