Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Joel Salatin in the ASC Magazine for November

Joel Salatin and Educating Our Kids

This November the ASC Magazine will be highlighting an article written by Joel Salatin. Joel is a best selling author, international speaker and owner of Polyface Farms.

After meeting up with Joel at the Aquaponics Association Conference I asked him if he would be interested to write an article for our magazine.

Joel said "Yes I think I can do that," and wrote us a fantastic article about creating a bio-mimicry food system. He is a very friendly man and some of his E-Mails back and forth, had me laughing really hard. I love that down to earth, keep it real in people...

I have been a longtime fan of Joel's because many of his methods for growing food and raising farm animals I personally agree with. Heck, I grew up with chickens, ducks, horses, cows and sheep. We had a creek filled with Yabbies that we often caught and bought home for dinner. We had an abundance of wild rabbits that helped put food on the table too.

Looking back on my own childhood, I think I can honestly say these were some of the best educational years of my life. That's why in the November ASC Magazine we have asked a couple of schools to show us what they are doing in the way of educating kids about aquaponics and farming.

When you think about it, a child can learn very important lessons in regards to old fashioned farming and aquaponic growing. Below are just a couple of good points in favor of educating children this way:

Biology...learning about physical make-up of fish and animals.

Science...The understanding and importance of microbes, nematodes, oxygen, nitrogen, soil, water, plants, ammonia and how everything works together in nature.

Technology...water pumps, water flow and all kinds of electronic devices for aquaponics and farming equipment.

Mathematics...children learning how many seedlings they may need to plant in a square foot area. How many fish will someone need to grow produce in their aquaponics systems versus fish tank water volume. Sounds like math to me.

English...Learning to write better by keeping a diary of daily events and happenings. Keeping a record of agricultural endeavours can be very fulfilling. This can teach kids to write great stories and even turn out to be authors. Now imagine that...

Our kids can reap the rewards of better education through teaching them about simple things that many of us may have  forgotten. In just one generation most of us have become unaware of how to farm and grow food. What our parents and grandparents once did out of neccessity is now almost unheard of. We absolutely have to bring that back to our children and education is the key...

Full Circle and the Rhythm of Life

Humanity has just about gone full circle with the back to basics for living, eating and educating. There are many people deciding to go back to the land because they see the long term benefits. 

When we are gone who will be there to show children how to grow their own food? I have a beautiful little grandson who is 4 months old and I want him to know how to look after himself when I am no longer here. Aren't our kids worth it?

Most people are waking up to the fact that growing their own food is once again a neccessity for living healthy. So why not join the every growing array of people from every corner of the earth, who are learning, growing and enjoying the magazine every month?

The ASC Writers

We have a great team of writers who do an amazing job regarding their articles. I have been very proud of the different writing styles. These are dedicated people who are trying to make a difference with their own form of educating the public. We write on alternative growing, organic foods, education with aquaponics, permaculture and solar.

The ASC Magazine can now stand on it's own merits for helping to educate and informing a whole new generation of people.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Real Sustainability For The Future

Start Growing Your Own Food Now

As things really start to degrade across the USA, one thing becomes apparent; people need to make sure they have their own healthy food supplies readily available. 

I read somewhere that Monsanto is about to receive this years  Nobel Prize of Agriculture. 

How can this be? The way Monsanto creates seeds makes the very protein inside of the seed toxic to everything, including the human gut. 

If you haven't seen Dr Thierry Vrain's  video on this subject about gene mutation I suggest you watch it. He should know about seeds because he was once a scientist himself who studied nemotodes in the soil and the genetics of seeds.   The video is about an hour long but well worth the eye opening education he teaches. 

The only way people can really make sure their family are eating better foods is to grow their own. No matter what you see labelled in the stores, USDA Organic labels can mean just about anything now. I'm not trying to scare anyone but rather give people the facts. 

Just because you hear something from an official representative, doesn't mean it's true. How many times have we been told something from our local, state and federal representatives only to find out we have been lied to? Think about what is being told to you, do some of your own research and then draw upon a conclusion you feel is right for your family. 

Check out this site directly from the Federal Register about the National Organic Program-Sunset Process: Click Here

So what can a person do to make sure their food is safe? 

Aquaponics is a fantastic method of growing,  where a person can feel safe in knowing they are eating healthy foods. There are some things upfront you should know before spending money. 

I would strongly encourage people to educate themselves first about the biology and technology needed to maintain a succesful system. Too many times people jump in head first and quickly become frustrated with the process of aquaponics. 

It's not hard to manage aquaponics but don't spend wasted money, you  may need later for purchasing kits and fish. You don't need to spend a fortune to have a successful system either. Aquaponics can be interesting and educational for everyone. For the most part you can make the set up process fun for you and the kids. 

Figure out where you are going to be keeping the system first like a greenhouse, basement or garage. Then ask yourself some of these questions before setting up any system:  

  • How many people in the family will you need to feed?
  • How many grow beds and fish tanks will you need to sustain the family?  
  • What are the average temperatures in your area? 
  • Does it get really cold or hot where you live? 
  • What fish species will you be raising?
  • Can you get a healthy supply of local fish? 
  • Do you understand the science, biology and basic health care for fish?
  • What is the right sized water pump needed?  
  • Will you be using PVC or HDPE and what's the difference? 

If you haven't already read the Essential Fish Care In Aquaponics I suggest you take a look. The book gives readers a good understanding of the basic science and biology needed to raise healthy fish. It also goes over subjects like natural feeding, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, water and oxygen which are also important. There are 13 good reviews and many people have found it to be a very useful guide to have around. With about 65 pages it's not a long read but a rather a worthwhile one. 

We also encourage people to sign up to receive the ASC Magazine each month. We will send you a  great online E-Magazine filled with information and stories from people who are growing food in the aquaponics industry. 

We also have a regular staff of people who are teaching others about natural products, permaculture, technology and other ways to grow food. 

The ASC Magazine is dedicated to teaching people how to become more sustainable. It is a good deal at $2.97 a month. The cost alone, makes this magazine an awesome price.  It will cost you less than one cup of coffee at Starbucks.  

You can subscribe here: Click this link 

Start growing your own food now. It is the only real way you can be sure of what you are eating. Take a look at some of the information on the community website when you have a free minute. Read some of the other information there we encourage all people to know about GMO and building real sustainable communities. 

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Victoria Kelley