Monday, December 30, 2013

What’s Happening in the Aquaponics Survival Community Today?

ASC Community Sharing

With over 15,000 fans sharing their knowledge and skills it’s hard not to learn something new every day. The ASC community distributes information on every conceivable way to save money in a world where consumerism has taken over.

In one of today’s posts our community learned that it is possible to integrate soil grown plants into an aquaponics system.This is quite ingenious and hasn't been done before. People who have an aquaponics system have had problems growing plants that require higher levels of acidity. This problem has been solved and gives growers even greater flexibility.

There are so many interesting stories, articles and real life experiences from people all over the world. We invite you to Join our community and share your knowledge and skills too.

In our community we cultivate an atmosphere of friendship by respecting each other talents and giving credit to those who contribute. Our community grows daily and we are so grateful to have so many smart and helpful people here. 

Many of our community members are also readers of our ASC magazine. Every month we get great reviews from our readers who like to have the information they need in one place. You can check out the magazine at We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Growing Food Through Beautiful Sounds

Chooka Parker And His Contribution To Our Community

I have the great privledge in knowing an amazing young mind. Chooka Parker was only 17 years old when he became a finalist in Australia's Got Talent. You see Chooka has never had any formal training in playing the piano and creates the music as he goes. He won an award (The People's Choice Awards) as a pianist and composer in 2012 for his beautiful music. This is his website:

He sounds like a combination of Mozart and Beethoven mixed up with some Jazz. Chooka has those amazing qualities that leave us with our mouths open and wondering how this actually happens. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a prodigy. The first time I listened to his music it bought tears to my eyes because it touched my soul. The sounds have this healing effect when you close your eyes and just listen. The judge on the show had the same effect when she heard him play in front of the audience too. He was 16 when he played this piece of music, watch and be amazed... 

A few months ago I asked Chooka if he would consider creating a piece of music for the ASC Community. He said "Yes" and it was one of those moments you never forget. Did he just agree to create some music for us?

Chooka's mother Kerry asked me "Victoria what do you want him to think of as he plays?" 
I replied "Think of water, fish, food growing and the sun shining." 

The music is almost 10 minutes long but worth the listen. I am still amazed and proud to share this amazing creation of sound with people. If you have some stress today, close your eyes and just listen. Let the sounds wash over you. Hear the fish swimming, the water moving and the food growing. 

The Vision

The vision we now have is to educate children and adults worldwide about sustainability and growing their own food. The Educators site will be up and running in 2014 with a twist on education regarding farming and all kinds of sustainability. Adam Cohen will be the director for education materials that come into the site. Adam has a degree in Marine Biology and runs his owns aquaponics business (Green Phoenix Farms) so we know he will do a great job with the site.

What we want to encourage other people to get involved. 
If you have a business or know something about farming with aquaponics, permaculture, DIY, and other forms of sustainability let us know. We want to involve regular people in the education process too. This is an opportunity for the educator / business owner to earn some extra money while promoting their own business in the process.

It is a way to enhance teaching in a school like environment while being in the comfort of your own home. The student will be able to benefit from your experience and knowledge too. Whether the student is 10 or 70 years old there is room for everyone.

We also believe our kids desperately need to know more about how food grows and everything involved with science, biology, Eco-Systems and where it all fits into their future. Teaching more education like this to schools globally can change our world. We need more farmers for the future and our kids are the key.


Let us know if you are interested in becoming a part of the educators site. We are looking for educators, business owners, farmers, gardeners, DIY, experience in solar, wind, aquaponics systems, thermal mass heating systems, etc. You can drop us an E-Mail at:

Have a great day everyone!
Tune in to the magical sounds of Chooka Parker today :-)